4 Easy Ways to Improve Warehouse Lighting

Good Commercial LED Lighting addresses four important lighting issues including energy savings, visibility, safety, and waste reduction. Choosing the right LED fixtures in warehousing facilities increases safety and productivity of employees while reducing operating costs.

Energy Savings

LED lighting for your industrial facility is currently the most energy efficient technology available. LED lights provide more lumens per watt and last longer (up to 50,000 hours), than fluorescent or metal halide, providing lower maintenance costs for your warehouse or distribution center. Our highly efficient LED fixtures, such as our Vapor Tight LED Fixtures, can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional lighting while maintaining its 72 W 8000 LUMEN count.

Vapor Tight LED Lighting from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions


Inadequate light levels can cause eye strain, headaches, reduced productivity and poor concentration which can lead to frequent mistakes in the warehouse.  When optimal lighting levels are met with good uniformity and low glare, workers experience better visibility and productivity. LED 8 Ft. Strip Lights can provide uniform illumination, reducing employee errors.

8Ft LED Strip Lighting from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions


In stockrooms and on the production floor, accidents can happen if workers cannot see obstacles properly due to inadequate lighting. Employees can see better under LED warehouse lighting over other technologies due to better color rendering technology. The higher the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the more accurate the colors perceived by the eye. LED lighting is shown to have the highest CRI of any lighting technology. This results in an overall safer warehouse environment.

Waste Reduction

Fluorescent tubes contain mercury, phosphor and other toxic chemicals. Governmental regulations in many areas require special disposal. These lamps must be sent to a recycling center, which can be expensive.  T8 LED tubes do not contain any toxic materials and can be disposed of with your normal trash pickup.

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