Easy Garage LED Shop Light Upgrade

If your garage is equipped with a bare bulb as the only light source, your garage deserves a lighting upgrade. Good lighting in your garage is crucial. Not only is it helpful to be able to see what you are going, good lighting is just safer. We recommend adding an LED hanging shop light to add additional light to your garage. These lights are a simple and inexpensive lighting solution. They hang from the ceiling using easily installed chains and have plugs connecting them to standard outlets, eliminating the need to wire them in place. To make install even easier, you can use an outlet socket adapter to convert your bare bulb into a plug outlet, eliminating the need to access the attic space above your garage or do any complicated electrical wiring.

Items needed for this upgrade

4 Ft. White Shop Light Garage Hanging Fixture

LED Shop Light from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions

Outlet socket adapter (available at your local hardware store for about $4)

Socket Adapter


Stud finder


Tape measure

Screw hooks (some light fixtures come with this hardware included)


How to Install

  1. Open your garage door for some light to work by.
  2. Unscrew the light bulb lighting your garage. Screw the outlet socket adapter into the light socket, and then screw the light bulb into the bottom of the socket adapter.
  3. Measure the distance between the chain mounts on your light fixture.
  4. Decide where on the ceiling you would like to place your new light. (Note: The maximum distance you can hang your fixture from your new electrical outlet is determined by the length of the cord provided in the fixture)
  5. Use a stud finder to locate the closest joist location and mark with a pencil. Mark the second installation point on the ceiling to match the distance you already measured between the chain mounts.
  6. Place the screw hooks in the ceiling where you have made the marks. This may require a drill for drilling pilot holes.
  7. Attach the chains to the light fixture.
  8. Insert your LED tubes into the light fixture.
  9. Hang the fixture by the two mounting chains onto the hooks in the ceiling.
  10. Plug in your new light fixture into the outlet socket adapter.
  11. You can solve any hanging cord issues with some staples nailed over the cord.


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