Top 3 Reasons to Consider Using a LED Retrofit Kit

Is LED Retrofit Conversion the right decision for your building project?

Here are 3 reasons you may want to consider using the ORILIS brand LED Retrofit Conversion Kits to replace your existing, outdated fluorescent fixtures.

1) Low price and fast installation

LED Retrofit Conversion Kits are specifically designed for use with your existing, outdated fluorescent tube light fixtures. The retrofit process involves the removal of fluorescent tubes, ballasts, wiring and tombstones from inside current fixtures. The fixtures can then be re-wired to accept new energy efficient LED tubes. ORILIS LED Retrofit Conversion Kits come with LED tubes (bulbs), solid connecting wires, non-shunted lamp holders, wire nuts and, most importantly, easy to follow instructions - everything needed to convert a 2 or 4 light fluorescent fixture into an energy efficient LED light fixture. No transformer or ballast will be needed.

8 Ft LED Retrofit Conversion Kit from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions

The retrofit conversion kit is easy to install and is priced at 1/2 the cost of purchasing brand new LED light fixtures.  Retrofit Conversion is a great solution when your current fluorescent light fixtures are in good condition.


2) Extremely high efficiency means very low cost of ownership

Blog-Reasons to Consider Using a LED Retrofit Kit-Orilis LED Lighting Solutions

The Orilis 4-light LED Retrofit Conversion Kit produces 12000 lumens while only consuming 96 watts. We have one of the most energy efficient retrofit conversion kits available on the market today. Some of our competitor’s kits are rated at 65 and 81 lumens per watt. Our fifth generation of LED Retrofit Conversion Kits are rated at 125 lumens per watt. This means our competitors retrofit kits are about 50% less efficient than our latest models.

3) 5 year warranty means half a decade of maintenance “free” lighting

Orilis LED Light Tubes come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. This means for a low conversion cost your fixture will be worry-free for five years.  Orilis provides a limited warranty on our products covering any breakage, failure to turn on, or other malfunction due to a design or manufacturing defect.

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