LED Color Temperatures Explained

Definition of LED Color Temperature

The thing that matters most to people when shopping for LED lights and bulbs is the actual color quality of the light. We call this "color temperature."  Color Temperature is indicated in units called Kelvin and its value determines whether light bulbs produce warm or cold light.

Orilis LED Color Temperature

Names for Color Temperature

Warm White (3000K) – Warm White is similar to the standard incandescent bulb in terms of color tone and warmth. Most people find this range comforting, and LEDs with this color temperature are perfect for family rooms, dining areas and bedrooms, restaurants, and reception areas where you want a more relaxed environment.

Natural White (4500K) – Natural White is a bright natural-looking neutral white light. This light color is cool and clean and good for use in any location that does not receive any natural light. This type of light is best in retail outlets and offices, as well as kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and other areas of the home that require bright lighting.

Daylight White (5000K) – Daylight White approximates the color of light outdoors at noon on a bright, sunny day. This is a crisp, clear white light. This type of light is best in showrooms, security lighting, garages and task lighting.

Cool White (6500K) – Cool White is an intense white that has a slightly bluish tone.  This type of light is ideal for use in work areas, warehouses, garages, and basements.  It is also used for industrial areas and hospitals.

 Orilis warm LED Lighting

Color temperature is an aesthetic choice, so each person will have their own preference for each setting and application.  You can use the above ranges and color descriptions as a general guide when shopping for new LED lighting.  

Other color temperature variables to consider -

Older eyes often see better in cooler color temperatures. Women often prefer warmer colors than men. Cooler whites raise attention and can be better for task lighting. Warmer whites soften the environment and make for a more relaxed space.

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