6 Benefits of Vapor Tight Commercial LED Lighting

Energy-efficient Vapor Tight LED fixtures provide powerful lighting in harsh environments.

Vapor Tight LED Light Fixtures offer the following benefits:

  1. WEATHERPROOF CONSTRUCTION Enclosure rating of IP65 means these Vapor Proof LED Fixtures are dust-proof, dirt-proof, waterproof, explosion proof and protected and from hazardous vapors or gasses.

 Weatherproof Vapor Tight LED Commercial Lighting from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions

  1. CORROSION PROOF The durable construction of these ceiling or Surface Mount LED Fixtures feature reinforced, impact-resistant poly-carbonate housings that resists fading or warping. Snap-on plastic housing clips make for quick, easy assembly. Rust-proof surface-mount brackets are included for drill-free mounting.
  1. LOW MAINTENANCE These Waterproof Shop Lights use maintenance-free energy efficient LEDs to run 23 years at 6 hours/day and reduce replacement frequency. Fixtures come standard with completely replaceable LED strips and drivers for simple upgrades.

 Orilis Vapor Tight LED Lighting comes with replaceable strips and drivers

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENT Vapor Tight Lighting is designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in both residential and commercial places, even where IP rating is not required. 

All Orilis Vapor Tight LED Fixtures come with a 3 year warranty and free shipping. Get started on your Vapor Tight lighting project today, and enjoy the money-savings of LED paired with the durability of a Vapor Tight fixture. 

 Vapor Tight LED Lighting can save your 50-80% on your energy costs

  1. UNIFORM ILLUMINATION These 4 Foot Integrated LED Light Fixtures can be used for general functional lighting. They provide 8000 lumen output and are available in 2 color temperatures: 4500K (natural white) or 6500K (cold white).

 4ft Vapor Tight LED Lighting with 8000lm from Orilis LED Lighting Solutions

  1. LARGE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS Water Resistant LEDs Can be used indoors or outdoors with a temperature range of -4°F to 113°F.  These fixtures are designed for outdoor walkways, car washes, airports, tunnels, parking garages, cold storage warehouses, walk-in freezers, barns, stairwells swimming pools and other high moisture areas.

For large commercial jobs, Orilis LED Lighting Solutions offers free quotes and fast shipping. Contact us now at 1-866-967-4547 or send us an email to request a volume discount quote for your next lighting project. 


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