Single-ended and Double-ended LED Tubes Explained

Confused by LED T8 tube options? Unsure if you need single-ended or double-ended LED tubes? Orilis can help by simplifying the jargon! 

In a nutshell - Single-end powered simply means your light fixture is wired to one end of the led tube(s) only (The other end is un-powered). Double-end powered means your light fixture is wired to the tube(s) on both ends. Remember that these tube types are not interchangeable. The wiring will be different for each type.


Double-Ended LED Tube


A double-ended LED tube is a tube that has the live and neutral pins on the opposite side of each tube. Fluorescent tubes are typically double-ended as well, making retrofit applications easier to complete with double-ended LED tubes.

A double-ended tube can use either shunted or non-shunted tombstones. When upgrading to LED tubes using an LED Retrofit Kit, you can the existing tombstones if they are in good condition, helping to reduce the average retrofit installation time. Check any tombstones to be reused for damage. It is not uncommon for old tombstones to be broken either from long exposure to heat or from replacing the tubes. If damage is found it is best to replace them.

shunted vs non-shunted tombstones


Single-Ended LED Tube


A single-ended LED tube is a tube that has the live and neutral pins on the same side of the tube. This end will be the “Input” end.  A simple way to know if you have a single ended tube is to look for the L/N or AC INPUT sticker at the end of the tube. Since the single-end powered tubes only use one side of the tube, both live and neutral power will be on the same side, but different pins.  The "L" indicates the pin that live power will go into. The "N" indicates the pin that neutral power will go into.

If the tube is being installed as part of an LED Retrofit Kit into a fluorescent fixture, you will need to replace the existing fluorescent, shunted tombstones with non-shunted tombstones on at least one side of the fixture, the ‘live’ or powered end of the fixture.

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James Praetzel May 26, 2022

great product easy to follow instructions to install. I highly recomend if you are retrofiting an existing fluorsecent light.

Carl Vecchio May 26, 2022

I am replacing my current fluorescent with single end led, the tombstones on the neutral end of the fixture are shunted, I am going to replace them with non shunted tombstones, I do not have to wire that end because they are single sided the L & N are on the opposite end.

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